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Question – Is it possible for ten years to pass and you actually get younger?

Answer – Yes it is, and the proof is in the picture below. Dr. David Madow has figured out how to make time work FOR you instead of against you, and he is now ready to share this knowledge. Call him your coach, your teacher, your guru… it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your life is about to change and you are about to turn back the clock and “Slice Your Age!”

Where should you start? There are many resources here to guide you. We suggest listening to the “Slice Your Age” podcast (scroll down below) because it offers easy, fun and practical advice you can use to get into the best shape of your life. If you like the podcast, we HIGHLY recommend subscribing through the the iTunes button (on the right side of this page) so you won’t miss any episodes. Also, feel free to tell your friends about us! We love the support, and your friends might thank you for turning them on to this site!

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83 – This is More Important Than Diet and Exercise!

Today Dr. Dave reveals what is REALLY important in your life and the best way that you can do this! To our regular listeners/viewers, welcome back! To our new listeners/viewers, welcome! Here we talk about lifestyle, how to be stronger, thinner, healthier, happier, and a lot more. If you are new to the show, the… Read More »


82 – Are You Normal?

In today’s show, Dr. Dave helps you find out if you are “normal.” Listen closely to find out! Dr. Dave is preparing to leave for San Francisco. He is very excited to participate in the Bay 2 Breakers 12k race. In (belated) celebration of Dr Dave’s 60th birthday, he is going on a three day… Read More »


81 – A Challenge for You!

In this episode Dr. Dave has a challenge for you. He says it may change your life. Are you up to the task? You are no longer alone! There are several ways to contact Dr Dave. First, this website at On here you will find all of the shows including show notes, photos, and… Read More »


80 – The Picture That Will Change Your Life

In today’s show, Dr. Dave reveals some things he has never before talked about in his search for happiness and change. Welcome to the David Madow Lifestyle Show formerly Slice Your Age! Above, Dr Dave shared a photo of himself from about 15 years ago around the time of his divorce. He was about 30… Read More »


78 – Doing THIS Will Make You So Happy!

Listen to what Dr. Dave did the other day that added an incredible amount of happiness to his life! The sponsor of today’s show is Mike R. Mike was kind enough to make a donation to the show. Dr Dave produces all of his podcasts and videos using his own resources. If you are a… Read More »


77 – Dr. Dave is Struggling With This!

Dr. Dave loves to teach and inspire you. But there is one thing he is having a bit of a tough time with. Maybe you have some suggestions for him? This episode was recorded in New York and is an incredible one! Dr. Dave loves Manhattan. He is able to get tons of exercise there.… Read More »


76 – The Most Powerful Workout Ever and More!

In this episode, Dr. Dave reveals his absolute favorite quickie workout. Do you think you know what it is? Think again!  And much more! See the original video of today’s message at Dr Dave firmly believes in eating a healthy plant-based diet and is very vocal about those beliefs. Over the past several months,… Read More »


75 – Dr. Dave’s Most Important Message

In today’s show, Dr. Dave delivers one of his most important messages ever. A short time ago, Dr Dave posted an important video that has been so well received online that he is going to replay it on the podcast today. Dr Dave’s Video Message Dr Dave has been teaching how to live a healthy… Read More »


74 – Your Happiness and Health

In this episode Dr. Dave comes back to discuss the essential elements of your health and happiness. Dr Dave is back from vacation. at Slice Your Age our goal is to provide you with the best podcast possible, so after 73 consecutive episodes, Dr Dave felt he needed to take some time off to recharge. During… Read More »


73 – You Must Listen to This Episode!

Dr. Dave has some news from his Colorado studio which you will need to hear! Dr. Dave will be taking 1-2 weeks off to recharge his batteries. Regular podcasts will resume when he returns from vacation. Dr. Dave is looking forward to meeting some of the Slice Your Age community members in San Francisco at… Read More »


72 – How to Get What You Want and Live Your Dream Life

If money was no object and there were no chance of failing, what is something that you would like to do? We asked this question a short time ago and the responses we received got us thinking – Most people have a dream that they do not know how to fulfill. In today’s episode we… Read More »


71 – The One Thing That is Holding You Back

I believe I have identified the one thing that is holding you back from being in your best shape ever. Not too long ago, Dr Dave posted this question on his Facebook page, “What is the one thing holding you back from living your best life ever?” There were a ton of responses and Dr… Read More »


70 – Money – The Silent Killer

In this episode Dr. Dave and Yoko teach you why not being responsible with money will cause stress in your life and ultimately will affect your health and relationships. What is the silent killer?  Money! When you have stress over finances, it wreaks havoc over your entire body and can negatively affect relationships. People all… Read More »


69 – The First Step Is The Most Important!

A listener asks Dr. Dave what his first step should be after not having treated his body with respect for over fifty years. He had a lot of guesses but none of them were right. In this episode, Dr. Dave and Yoko reveal not only the first step, but nine more! Facebook Question from fan… Read More »


68 – Proof! Being Weird Helps You Live Longer and Happier

Our guest Jason Siemer returns with proof that living weird can help us in ways we never thought before. Are you in? Then please do not miss this episode! Remember, you are never alone! Dr. Dave is here to make sure YOU live your best life possible! If you need anything at all please email Dr.… Read More »


Listen to This Quickie in Moderation!

Here is what the problem is when someone says “It’s ok to eat this in moderation.” It’s actually a big problem!!! Many people think that consuming foods that aren’t healthy is ok as long as it’s in moderation. This logic is flawed. While eating unhealthy foods in moderation does limit your exposure to fats and… Read More »


67 – Sad or Depressed in the Winter? Try This!

If you ever feel sad, depressed or just plain out of it in the winter months when the days are shorter and it’s cold outside, this episode is for you! Dr. Dave gives you some of his tips to reverse this. Many people report symptoms of depression or complain of feeling out of sorts during… Read More »


66 – The Top Five Regrets of the Dying – Do Not Let These Happen to You!

Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse spent several years caring for patients in the final weeks of their lives. She recorded their dying epiphanies and put her observations into a book called “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” In this episode, Dr. Dave and Yoko reveal what these regrets are and teach you how to… Read More »


65 – How to Make This Your Best Year Ever!

In this episode Dr. Dave and Yoko talk about the absolute most important life changing things you MUST be doing to make this year your BEST EVER!   THIS IS MY BEST YEAR EVER! Decide right now that 2015 is going to be your best year ever! Write this down and put it in your… Read More »


64 – How to MEND Yourself! – Victoria Moran – Part 2

This is our second episode featuring author Victoria Moran. Today she discusses how you can “MEND” yourself to your best life ever. Another must listen!   ARE YOU EXISTING; NOT REALLY LIVING? So many people are just going through the motions day by day. They say they have no time for fun or even taking… Read More »


63 – Victoria Moran – The Main Street Vegan

This is a MUST LISTEN episode! Our guest Victoria Moran talks about her book, her life, and gives us an incredible number of lifestyle tips that can be used by anyone – vegan, vegan curious or just plain omnivore! Have a listen!   SAVE AN ANIMAL TODAY! “When you can look at an animal in… Read More »


62 – “Chocolate Yoga” for Stress and Weight Management

What does our guest Margaret Chester mean when she teaches how “Chocolate Yoga” not only helps with stress and weight management, but nurtures the mind, body and spirit as well?   YOGA IS AMAZING “Yoga is pure pleasure that connects your body and mind,” says guest Margaret Chester, “I want to live a fantastic flowing… Read More »


61 – Nutrition and More – The Second Step – With Sarah Stanley

Part two of a two episode series with ultra-marathoner, entrepreneur and wellness educator Sarah Stanley! This week we discuss eating, nutrition, the environment, and what is really important in your life for optimal health. If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode with Sarah and I; listen right before or right after this one!  … Read More »


60 – Achieving Happiness in Your Life – The First Step – With Sarah Stanley

Part one of a two episode series with ultra-marathoner, entrepreneur and wellness educator Sarah Stanley! This week we discuss happiness and what is really important in your life for optimal health.   HAPPINESS Both Dr. Dave and Sarah believe in starting with happiness on your health journey. Guest Sarah loves two particular quotes: “Happiness is an… Read More »


59 – How to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

In this episode Dr. Dave gives you some of his favorite tips for staying healthy and keeping your sanity over the holiday season! Don’t gain that holiday weight! Keep healthy throughout the holidays.  PARTY INVITATIONS – ACCEPT OR DECLINE You do not have to accept every single holiday invitation you get. Choose the parties you… Read More »


58 – Fourteen of Our Best Kept Secrets of Life!

In this episode, Dr. Dave and Yoko reveal fourteen of their best kept secrets of life! 1. Believe you can make your life better! Yoko says, “Treat every day like your Birthday!” Don’t just wait for one day a year to feel special. You feel so great and wonderful on your birthday. You deserve to… Read More »


57 – Cool Eating Tips / Instant Pot / New York Marathon

In this episode Dr. Dave and Yoko give a bunch of their cool eating tips as well as discuss their upcoming trip to New York City to run in the NYC Marathon!   CHAMOMILE TEA + CARDAMOM SEEDS Dr. Dave and Yoko drink chamomile daily. Now, they have been adding Cardamom Seeds to it too for… Read More »


56 – Chef AJ and Sharon – Eating and Nutrition – Part 2

This is a continuation of the great and informative conversation I am having with Sharon McRae and Chef AJ on the topic of which foods should we eat and which should we stay away from. CHEF AJ + SHARON ARE BACK!!! Dr. Dave had to bring back these two amazing ladies! They are smart and… Read More »


55 – Chef AJ and Sharon – Let’s Get This Eating and Nutrition Thing Right!

Today on Slice Your Age, Dr. Dave has Chef AJ and Sharon McRae as his guests. Chef AJ is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, nutritionist, and of course… CHEF! Sharon, who you have met before on episode 49 is the founder of Eat Well – Stay Well LLC, a company based in Maryland that coaches people… Read More »


54 – Ruby Roth Takes on Fox News!

Author, teacher, artist, animal rights and vegan activist Ruby Roth, is our guest today!   “Featured on CNN, FOX, Today, and other major media outlets, Ruby Roth is the world’s leading author and illustrator of vegan and vegetarian books for children.   Vegan since 2003, Roth was teaching art at an elementary school when her… Read More »


53 – The Word No Will Change Your Life!

In this episode you will learn how to use the word “NO” more effectively. Once you are able to say “no,” you will discover how your life is transformed into freedom! Our guest is the wonderful Melissa Lierman! Melissa says: “Yes is a dangerous word! Every single time you say YES to something, you are saying… Read More »


52 – One Year Celebration Show – The Most Important Things You Need to Know to Slice Your Age

It is the one year birthday of Slice Your Age and today’s show is a party as well as a recap of the most important things we have spoken about over the past year. Dr. Dave and Yoko have Sandy on as their guest. Everything seems to come together as they discuss happiness, meditation, eating,… Read More »


51 – Finding Time for Exercise / Stress / Food Addiction / More

Dr. Dave and Yoko do a show today where they answer many listener’s questions. Subjects include finding the time to exercise, food addiction, what to eat late night, stress reduction, how to become a speaker, and more! This is a very cool and informative episode! YOKO IS BACK FROM JAPAN Yoko went to Japan to see her most… Read More »


50 – My Job Sucks / Weight Gain / Juicer vs Blender / More

Dr. Dave does a show today where he answers many listener’s questions. Subjects include weight gain during the upcoming holidays, what is better – a juicer or blender, someone who absolutely hates their job, looking for a coach and more. This is a very informative episode!   WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET Dr. Dave and… Read More »


49 – Nutrition / Cancer Prevention / Achieving Optimum Health

Dr. Dave brings expert guest Sharon McRae on to the show today to talk about how food plays a major role in preventing cancer and other diseases. If you are experiencing ANY health issues at this moment, or are worried about future problems, this is a serious not-to-be-missed episode. Sharon received her training from the Institute for Integrative… Read More »


48 – Ways to Improve Your Life / Running / In the Car

Dr. Dave and Yoko recorded this episode in their “car studio” while on the way to the Annapolis Ten Mile Race. It began by talking a bit about the upcoming race, but by the time it ended, they gave you a ton of great health and lifestyle tips as well as MUCH MORE! Learn about morning routines,… Read More »


47 – After the Divorce She Ran WHERE?

Melissa went running after her divorce. On this episode, we find out where she ended up.  An incredibly inspiring story. PART #2 WITH GUEST MELISSA: If you haven’t listened to last week’s show with Melissa and how she was unhappy, fat, drinking milkshakes to soothe the pain, and in a marriage that long needed to be… Read More »


Are You Ready to Make a Change? Here’s How! – Slice Your Age Quickie

Your fifth quickie with Dave! This is a short one where Dr. Dave talks to you about change. If you are sick of the way things have been going and if you are ready for change, this quickie is for you! Dave is direct and to the point on this one! Please do not miss it!… Read More »


46 – Unhappy, Married, Fat, and Very Worried

On today’s show Dr. Dave’s guest Melissa discusses her marriage, and what it did to her life. This episode contains some incredible lessons. Not for the faint of heart. Please listen carefully! —> Call Dr. Dave on the NEW Phone Voicemail Hotline: 410-429-7190. <— If you call into our voicemail hotline and we use your question… Read More »


45 – Happiness and Other Important Things in Life!

On today’s show Dr. Dave visits an incredibly important topic – HAPPINESS. He goes fairly deep into how to achieve happiness in your life. Several other very important life changing subjects are discussed as well. Please listen very carefully to the entire episode!    FOOD CHOICES No matter where you are: a party, a cruise,… Read More »


44 – Superstar Guest Marla Rose – Part 2 – Your Questions

On today’s show we are again honored to have superstar Marla Rose from for part two. Whether you are a vegan, are aspiring to become one, have a tiny bit of curiosity, or have absolutely no desire, this episode is a VERY important one that could actually be life changing!  You should definitely give… Read More »


43 – Superstar Guest Marla Rose Vegan

On today’s show we are honored to have superstar Marla Rose from Whether you are a vegan, are aspiring to become one, have a tiny bit of curiosity, or have absolutely no desire, this episode is a VERY important one that could actually be life changing!  You should definitely give it a listen! Vegetarianism… Read More »


Extremely Important Tip – Your Fourth Quickie With Dr Dave – Workout in the Mornings!

Your fourth quickie with Dave! This is a short one where Dr. Dave passes on an important tip about working out. Please do not miss this one! “Never in my life have I finished a run or a workout and was sorry that I did it. In fact, I was extremely happy that I got… Read More »


CRUCIAL Life Advice – Your Third Quickie With Dr Dave – Are You Living Your Best Life?

Your third quickie with Dave! This is a quick one where Dr. Dave teaches you some CRUCIAL life advice. Please do not miss this one! “Live the life you love and don’t be afraid to do things! Do not wait! Go for it! Life moves to fast and we do not know what tomorrow brings!’… Read More »


42 – Questions From Listeners – Lose the Love Handles / Stretching and Driving / More

July 17, 2014 – Episode 42 – We take listener’s questions in this episode! Glenn asks how he can stretch out during his long driving/commuting times. Joe asks how he can get rid of his “love handles!” Mike, a long time runner, wants to know if he should see a chiropractor! Much more!   QUESTION: … Read More »


41- Weight Loss Can Be Difficult – With Special Guest David Jackson

July 10, 2014 – Episode 41 – Two Dave’s!!! David Jackson of “The Logical Weight Loss Podcast” is our special guest on the show today. Together, both Daves talk about the difficulties of weight loss. David Jackson reveals some of his true life experiences and roadblocks on his weight loss journey!  This is a good… Read More »


100K Bonus Episode – Happiness / The Most Important Decision / Much More

This is Dr. Dave’s second bonus episode! Today we are celebrating passing the 100,000 download mark. That is correct… this show, “Slice Your Age,” which started at zero a few short months ago, has now surpassed ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND listens!!! Dr. Dave wants to thank all of his friends, fans and listeners. And to give… Read More »


40 – Sugar Addiction / Tips to Staying Healthy Wherever You Are

July 3, 2014 – Episode 40 – Dr. Dave starts the show off by answering a listener’s question about an addiction – SUGAR! He explains how to kick this very dangerous habit! Next Dave brings in Sandy, his yoga instructor as his guest and they discuss how to stay healthy no matter where you may… Read More »


Slice Your Age Quickie – Techniques to Help You Sleep Through the Night

Techniques to help you sleep through the night!  Dr. Dave has decided to throw in a “quickie” episode every so often in addition to his regular full length podcast episodes (which will still come out every Thursday)! The quickies will all be less than five minutes, and will not be edited. These are great for… Read More »


Your Very First Quickie With Dr Dave – Unplugged Friday

Dr. Dave has decided to throw in a “quickie” episode every so often in addition to his regular full length podcast episodes (which will still come out every Thursday)! The quickies will all be less than five minutes and are great for people on the run or anyone wanting to begin their day with a… Read More »


39 – What it Takes to Become Healthy and Stay That Way at Any Age

June 26, 2014 – Episode 39 – Dr. Dave starts the show by answering a listener’s question about how long it should take to walk the “Magic 4″ miles. Afterwards, Dave brings a remarkable guest into the studio! Dr. Michael Goldstein may be 63 years old by the calendar, but just wait until you hear… Read More »


38 – Food, Eating and Nutrition – A Dietician on a Mission

June 19, 2014 – Episode 38 – Stacie the Dietician is with us for an incredible show. We discuss everything about food and Stacie reveals a lot of  cool helpful tips. Listener’s questions are answered! We decide to get Stacie back on a future episode as this could have kept going forever!   MORE INFORMATION… Read More »


37 – This is More Important Than Exercise and Diet!

June 12, 2014 – Episode 37 – Zeke (an incredible personal trainer) and Rebecca (a figure competition expert) are guests on today’s show. Together, we all talk about something that is incredibly important to your overall health. You cannot afford to miss this one!   We also take listener’s questions, such as which is more… Read More »


36 – Secret to Happiness / If You Are in Pain / Much More

June 5, 2014 – Episode 36 – Dave and Yoko reveal a big decision they recently made in their lives. They also answer listener’s questions including how happiness is achieved and how to manage chronic pain!  If you would like a question answered on the show or if you have a comment or want to… Read More »


35 – Live From Bay to Breakers 12K Race in San Francisco

May 29, 2014 – Episode 35 – This one is not to be missed!  Dr. Dave and Yoko are broadcasting live from the Bay to Breakers 12K Race in San Francisco. Lots of inspiration as well as incredible tips as Dave and Yoko run from the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean with over… Read More »


34 – The Naked Test / Ice Cream vs Yogurt and Many More Important Questions

May 22, 2014 – Episode 34 – Dave explains what “The Naked Test” is and how it can get you healthier. Dave and Yoko answer listener’s questions. One question asked which is healthier – fat free ice cream or artificially sweetened frozen yogurt. Much more! Sandy is a guest on today’s show! MORE INFORMATION FROM… Read More »


33 – The Twenty-Nine Dollar Egg and Why It Was So Healthy / Is Gluten Bad / Questions

May 15, 2014 – Episode 33 – Dave tells about his experience eating the $29 egg and what you can learn from that to make you much healthier! Dr. Dave and Yoko answer listener’s questions! A young woman with multiple issues asks how she can become healthier. What is gluten and should you stay away from… Read More »


32 – How to Exercise at Your Desk / Proper Socks to Wear / Why Some People Get Old at 50 / Much More

May 8, 2014 – Episode 32 – Dr. Dave and Yoko answer listener’s questions and much more! How to exercise at your desk. What are the best socks to wear for running, walking and skateboarding? Why do some people “give up” and just get old at age 50? Tony Llera and his Warrior Challenge!   MORE… Read More »


31 – Nineteen Ways to Get Into Shape For The Summer – Part 3

May 1, 2014 – Episode 31 – Summer is quickly approaching and Dr. Dave and Yoko  finish up with the list of things that  you need to do to get into your best shape ever for this summer.  Lots of motivation! You should listen to parts 1-3 now as a refresher!   MORE INFORMATION FROM… Read More »


30 – Nineteen Ways to Get Into Shape For The Summer – Part 2

April 24, 2014 – Episode 30 – Summer is quickly approaching and Dr. Dave and Yoko  continue with the list of things that  you need to do to get into your best shape ever for this summer. It is interesting how this episode unfolds. Lots of motivation!   MORE INFORMATION FROM THE SHOW #30: Take… Read More »


29 – Nineteen Ways to Get Into Shape For The Summer – Part 1

April 17, 2014 – Episode 29 – Summer is quickly approaching and Dr. Dave reveals ten things (out of nineteen) that  you need to do to get into your best shape ever for this summer. Yoko is on the show and she gives her opinions as well! MORE INFORMATION FROM THE SHOW #29: Take a… Read More »


28 – Should We Go Vegan?

April 10, 2014 – Episode 28 – Sandy is on the show discussing with Dr. Dave and Yoko what’s it like to be vegan and what her opinion is as to whether Dave and Yoko should go vegan or not! Other topics are discussed as well, including meal replacement shakes, throwing trash out of car… Read More »


27 – Thirteen Things You Must Give Up NOW to Be Happier!

April 3, 2014 – Episode 27 – There are definitely things bogging you down! Drop these thirteen things from your life right now and true happiness is guaranteed. A great episode recorded from the Reisterstown, Maryland studio. Yoko is on as a guest again to help you!   MORE INFORMATION FROM THE SHOW #27: Take… Read More »


26 – What’s So Great About a Marathon?

  March 27, 2014 – Episode 26 – Since this is episode #26, Dave wanted to answer the question “What is so great about a marathon?  (The reason is because a marathon is 26.2 miles!) This is Dave’s last episode from Colorado for the season. He and his wife Yoko answer a great listener’s question… Read More »


25 – Seventeen Life Secrets Never Before Revealed – Part 2

March 20, 2014 – Episode 25 – Recording from Colorado, Dave and his wife Yoko continue with life secrets 11-17 never before revealed! And there was a bonus #18 as well! MORE INFORMATION FROM THE SHOW #25: Take a listen to the show. Download it and throw it on your iphone or ipod and listen… Read More »


24 – Seventeen Life Secrets Never Before Revealed – Part 1

March 13, 2014 – Episode 24 – Recording from Colorado, Dave and his wife Yoko set out to give 17 of Dave’s life secrets never before revealed! But they only got up to number 10 before time ran out! You need to listen to this episode to hear  ten incredible secrets, and then be sure… Read More »


23 – How to Get From the Couch to a 5K and More!

March 6, 2014 – Episode 23 – Recording from his studio in Breckenridge, Colorado, Dr. Dave brings in guest, Dr. Ritu Rao, who is sure to inspire you! Ritu figured out how to go from a sedentary life sitting on the couch, to a 5K race and MUCH more. This is an absolute must listen… Read More »


22 – Secrets to Looking Younger / Ultimate Weight Loss Colorado Style

February  27, 2014 – Episode 22 – Recording from his studio in Colorado, in this show Dr. Dave talks about a picture that he posted on Facebook and how much attention this is getting. The picture compares Dave at ages 47 and 57. Most people would say that he looks much younger he looks at… Read More »


21 – How Meditation Can Change Your Life

February  20, 2014 – Episode 21 – In this show, Dr. Dave and his guest Sandy demonstrate how important meditation is, how to do it, and how it can actually change your entire life! Meditation can help you reduce stress, reduce illness, focus, give you peace of mind, more confidence, etc. If you have heard about… Read More »


20 – Ten Baby Steps to Your Best Shape of Your Life

February  13, 2014 – Episode 20 – In this show, Dr. Dave outlines the ten “baby steps” it will take to get into the best shape of your life. It does not matter where you are right now. Even if you are totally out of shape and are trying to figure out where to begin,… Read More »


19 – How to Get Leaner and Meaner with Guest Dr. Uche Odiatu

February  6, 2014 – Episode 19 – In this show, motivational health and life coach Dr. Uche Odiatu shares his inspiration with Dr. Dave as well as every “Slice Your Age” listener! If you are not happy with the way your life is going or you are not sure where exactly you should begin, this… Read More »


18 – Food and Eating From A to Z

January 30, 2014 – Episode 18 – In this episode, Dr. Dave teaches you everything you need to know about food. You will find out which are the best stores in which to shop for your food, some tips on some of Dave’s favorite foods as well as where they are found in the stores!… Read More »


Bonus Episode – Practicing Kindness / Jet Lag / Forgiveness / Colorado

January 25, 2014 – Bonus Episode! A few days ago we hit our 10,000th download so Dr. Dave decided to record a bonus episode of Slice Your Age in Half! This was not scripted – whatever popped into his head he simply talked about. Take a listen because there are some very powerful life changing… Read More »


17 – How Travel Can Keep You Young

January 23, 2014 – Episode 17 – On today’s show, Jason Siemer (remember the weird guy?) makes his second guest appearance. Together Dave and Jason talk about how traveling can be a true life changer. The conversation takes some strange twists and turns along the way! Enjoy this fantastic and entertaining episode! MORE INFORMATION FROM… Read More »


16 – Danger in Grand Canyon

January 16, 2014 – Episode 16 – On today’s show, Dave and his guest Larry talk about their extreme rim to rim to rim backpack trip in Grand Canyon and what went terribly wrong. Even if you have no desire to ever backpack Grand Canyon, this show is a must listen! MORE INFORMATION FROM THE… Read More »


15 – Introduction to Yoga, Breathing and Stretching

January 9, 2014 – Episode 15 – Guest visit by Sandy (Dave’s yoga instructor) to help you understand what yoga is and how it can help you in your life. Dave’s wife Yoko is also a guest on this week’s show! Very informative and a fun episode. MORE INFORMATION FROM THE SHOW #15: Take a… Read More »


14 – How Being Weird Can Keep You Young!

January 2, 2014 – Episode 14 – Join Dr. David Madow and his guest, Jason Siemer of Jason Siemer Productions as they discuss how being “weird” can keep you not only young, but very HAPPY! MORE INFORMATION FROM THE SHOW #14: Take a listen to the show. Download it and throw it on your iphone… Read More »


13 – How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions All Come True

December 26, 2013 – Episode 13 – On today’s show Dr. Dave and his “special guest” teach you how to come up with goals for the New Year, as well as what you can do to make sure all or most of them actually come true. This is a very powerful show because it will… Read More »


12 – 26.2 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

December 19, 2013 – Episode 12 – “Are you ready for the holidays?” Don’t you love that question? In this episode Dr. Dave gives you 26.2 ways that will help you deal with all of the holiday stress you will likely encounter. He covers working out, eating, removing yourself from stressful situations, financial, scheduling, end… Read More »


11- How a Busy Accountant Managed to Bike 180 Miles!

December 12, 2013 – Episode 11 –  Dr. David Madow’s long time friend Larry is today’s guest! Dave asks Larry about how he got started living a healthy lifestyle. Larry is a 58 year old accountant  who recently bicycled 180 miles on the C&O Canal towpath, a beautiful trail that runs from Cumberland, MD to… Read More »


10 – Take Baby Steps / A Grandfather Speaks Out / Ritu Rao Screams / NCR Trail Marathon

December 5, 2013 – Episode 10 –  A new grandfather speaks out on health and lifestyle! Dr. Ritu Rao, a dentist and mother from Dallas, TX calls in to tell her story and to let out a LOUD SCREAM! Dr. David Madow tell his story about traveling to Jacksonville, Florida and what happened at the… Read More »


09 – Ironman Howard Farran / Holiday Tips / Breathing Exercise / Garmin 220

November 28, 2013 – Episode 09 –  Howard Farran is a special guest on the show today. The Phoenix, Arizona resident talks about he went from an overweight out of shape dentist to an Ironman Triathlon finisher. His story is sure to amaze you as well as inspire you! Also on today’s show your host… Read More »


08 – Holiday Eating Tips / How Much Water Do You Drink / Financial and Other Stresses

November 21, 2013 – Episode 08 – In this episode Dr. David Madow answers several listeners questions concerning exactly how much water should we be drinking every day and how to avoid the eating temptation over the holidays. Also in this episode, Dr. Madow will help you avoid the stresses that come from money, finances,… Read More »


07 – How to Set Your Goals / Why You Need to Examine Your Skin / Cure for Psoriasis

November 14, 2013 – Episode 07 -Dr. David Madow teaches you how to set goals so that you may achieve practically anything you want in life.  He also talks about something he did that helped cure his psoriasis and why your skin is an indicator of your overall health. Another David comes to the studio… Read More »


06 – Three Things You Need to Do to Begin Each Day / Reducing Anxiety

November 7, 2013 – Episode 06 – Dr. David Madow reveals what he does every single morning to make his day the best day possible. Some great tips on preventing anger, anxiety, stress, and more. And a special guest comes to the studio for a super SCREAM! Share this post!


05 – How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off / Tony Ferrante Screams

October 31, 2013 – Episode 05 -Dr. David Madow gives many secrets about how to lose weight. Losing weight is not necessarily about exercising more. Although Dr. Madow is a firm believer in exercise, when it comes down to it there is something else that is actually more important that you MUST do to shed… Read More »


04 – Is Stretching Important / How to Buy Running Shoes / Cold Feet / Cold Hands

 October 24, 2013 – Episode 04 – Dr. David Madow answers listener’s questions.   Is stretching important? What type of running shoes should I get? I injured my foot a short time ago and now I can’t exercise. My feet and hands are frequently cold. And much more! Share this post!


03 – How Often Should I Weigh Myself / Do I Need a Personal Trainer

October 17, 2013 – Episode 03 – Dr. David Madow answers listener’s questions. A listener asks how often she should weigh herself. Another listener is having a tough time getting started and wants to hire a personal trainer. Terry comes to the studio to SCREAM! Share this post!