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Question - Is it possible for ten years to pass and you actually get younger?

Answer - Yes it is, and the proof is in the picture below. Dr. David Madow has figured out how to make time work FOR you instead of against you, and he is now ready to share this knowledge. Call him your coach, your teacher, your guru... it doesn't matter. What does matter is that your life is about to change and you are about to turn back the clock and “Slice Your Age!”

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47 – After the Divorce She Ran WHERE?

Melissa went running after her divorce. On this episode, we find out where she ended up.  An incredibly inspiring story. PART #2 WITH GUEST MELISSA: If you haven’t listened to last week’s show with Melissa and how she was unhappy, fat, drinking milkshakes to soothe the pain, and in a marriage that long needed to be… Read More »

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46 – Unhappy, Married, Fat, and Very Worried

On today’s show Dr. Dave’s guest Melissa discusses her marriage, and what it did to her life. This episode contains some incredible lessons. Not for the faint of heart. Please listen carefully! —> Call Dr. Dave on the NEW Phone Voicemail Hotline: 410-429-7190. <— If you call into our voicemail hotline and we use your question… Read More »

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43 – Superstar Guest Marla Rose Vegan

On today’s show we are honored to have superstar Marla Rose from Whether you are a vegan, are aspiring to become one, have a tiny bit of curiosity, or have absolutely no desire, this episode is a VERY important one that could actually be life changing!  You should definitely give it a listen! Vegetarianism… Read More »

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28 – Should We Go Vegan?

April 10, 2014 – Episode 28 – Sandy is on the show discussing with Dr. Dave and Yoko what’s it like to be vegan and what her opinion is as to whether Dave and Yoko should go vegan or not! Other topics are discussed as well, including meal replacement shakes, throwing trash out of car… Read More »

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26 – What’s So Great About a Marathon?

  March 27, 2014 – Episode 26 – Since this is episode #26, Dave wanted to answer the question “What is so great about a marathon?  (The reason is because a marathon is 26.2 miles!) This is Dave’s last episode from Colorado for the season. He and his wife Yoko answer a great listener’s question… Read More »

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