Listen to This Quickie in Moderation!

Here is what the problem is when someone says “It’s ok to eat this in moderation.” It’s actually a big problem!!! Many people think that consuming foods that aren’t healthy is ok as long as it’s in moderation. This logic is flawed. While eating unhealthy foods in moderation does limit your exposure to fats and… Read More »

Setbacks – How to Deal With Them – QUICKIE

Everyone has setbacks. No one is immune. Here is exactly what to do when you have one.  Note: change in schedule – regular length episodes will now be released every Monday!!!  See you then! Share this post!

Year End Motivation Quickie

Dr. Dave has a great inspirational message for you today. It’s short but could be life changing! Share this post!

Hold The Eggnog! How to Stave Off Weight Gain This Holiday Season

  With Thanksgiving now behind us, we are entering that chaotic span of the year we lovingly call “the holidays.” In America, this is a time period that condones gluttony and excess in every sense, from financial to caloric. Belt buckles, purse strings and wallets loosen up to the tune of 50-year-old Christmas anthems, piped… Read More »

A Quickie – Forgiveness

Dr. Dave has an incredible forgiveness story to share with you today. This is powerful! Share this post!

Tap Into the Workout Motivation You Never Knew You Had

Why do you want to exercise? What’s the draw? I’m going to guess it has to do with either one or both of these: either (a), you want to look better naked (who doesn’t!) or (b), you want to stave off weight-related illnesses like heart disease, obesity and diabetes (also a noble goal). There’s absolutely… Read More »

How to Bring Happiness and Focus to Your Life in 15 Minutes a Day – Without Diet, Work or Exercise!

woman meditating

There’s plenty of info in my blog about making long-term, fundamental changes that will undoubtedly improve your health and general quality of life. But most of these transformations take a moderate amount of planning and willpower to execute. The following recommendation does not. Ready? Here it is: Meditation. I was hesitant to put the word “meditation” in… Read More »

A Quickie That Will Change Your Life

A Quickie That Will Change Your Life! Dr. Dave tells you who to hang out with! Share this post!

57 – Cool Eating Tips / Instant Pot / New York Marathon

In this episode Dr. Dave and Yoko give a bunch of their cool eating tips as well as discuss their upcoming trip to New York City to run in the NYC Marathon!   CHAMOMILE TEA + CARDAMOM SEEDS Dr. Dave and Yoko drink chamomile daily. Now, they have been adding Cardamom Seeds to it too for… Read More »

56 – Chef AJ and Sharon – Eating and Nutrition – Part 2

This is a continuation of the great and informative conversation I am having with Sharon McRae and Chef AJ on the topic of which foods should we eat and which should we stay away from. CHEF AJ + SHARON ARE BACK!!! Dr. Dave had to bring back these two amazing ladies! They are smart and… Read More »