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54 – Ruby Roth Takes on Fox News!

Author, teacher, artist, animal rights and vegan activist Ruby Roth, is our guest today!   “Featured on CNN, FOX, Today, and other major media outlets, Ruby Roth is the world’s leading author and illustrator of vegan and vegetarian books for children.   Vegan since 2003, Roth was teaching art at an elementary school when her […]

Seven Beliefs That Are Keeping You Unhappy!

Hey there… it’s Dr. Dave. Today we are going to dispel seven common beliefs that are floating around out there. I will keep it short, sweet and concise. Here they are. Please let me know what you think! Work comes before pleasure. Not true! Work should be pleasurable. I actually love my work. It feels like […]

53 – The Word No Will Change Your Life!

In this episode you will learn how to use the word “NO” more effectively. Once you are able to say “no,” you will discover how your life is transformed into freedom! Our guest is the wonderful Melissa Lierman! Melissa says: “Yes is a dangerous word! Every single time you say YES to something, you are saying […]

Human Vs. Animal Teeth: What Our Teeth are Designed to Do!

Meat: it’s what’s for dinner. It’s hard to find an American dinner table without a big slab of animal as its centerpiece. This is what makes us behavioral omnivores – it’s part of our culture, civilization and food pyramid to eat a so-called “balanced” diet of animal protein, grains, fruits and vegetables. But roughly 10,000 […]

Week 17 of My Vegan Journey

“Dave, are you 100% vegan?” People ask me this question almost every day. I actually am not sure how to answer it. What does it mean? Why are you asking? I do not eat animals. I do not eat fish. I do not eat birds. I do not eat anything that comes out of an […]